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Sat 01 Oct 22

Mass at 18:00

Sun 02 Oct 22

1st Communion at 09:00
Mass at 10:00
Mass at 11:30
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Readings for October 2022 (10.7 KB)Readings for October 2022 (10.7 KB)



Newsletter for 2nd October 2022 (157.8 KB)Newsletter for 2nd October 2022 (157.8 KB)



























Please see under NOTICES a report by Ludo Celis and Elaine Falco on the 2022 Lourdes Pilgrimage.



New Bank Account Details: 

I would like to inform all our parishioners and supporters of our parish that we have changed banks from ING to KBC with immediate effect. If you are still supporting us with standing orders and still using the ING bank account number,  would you please now change your mandate from ING to KBC bank no: BE60 7330 6428 5970.  There are mandate forms for the KBC bank at the front porch of the church & outside the office for your convenience.

Fr. Michael.



SOLIDARITY WITH UKRAINE - Weekly Collection is still taking place

Thank you to all parishioners who have donated food and hygiene products at the weekly appeals for Ukrainian refugees in Brussels.  These are highly appreciated.  The appeals will continue every week at all Masses.  Any contribution you can make is most welcome.  In particular need are: rice, pasta, flour, cereal, baby food, canned fish/meat/vegetables, nappies, baby wipes, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary products, over the counter medicines (dafalgan/plasters/cough mixture/...).  THANK YOU!


About St. Anthony's

St. Anthony's is one of the best established non-Belgian churches in Belgium.  We were founded in the early seventies to meet the spiritual and worship needs of the new member state citizens, from Ireland and UK, who came in large numbers to Brussels to work in the Old EEC.  Since then, of course, the parish has reached far beyond the boundaries of the expatriate Irish and British communities and now has a community of 40 and more different nationalities.  We have one of the most vibrant and diverse parishes you can find.

It is our hope that our website will contribute to uniting all who live here and help to build up our community, so that people will be fulfilled in their own lives and families, and be willing to share their time and talents for the benefit of their neighbour, parish and community.

Our Priests

It is thanks to the Irish Franciscans that we have such a fine parish here.  Successive pastors have brought vision and insight to their work at the parish.  The current Pastor Fr. Michael Nicholas has been here since 2020 and is overseeing the growth and development of the parish.  Fr. Patrick Power OFM who was parish priest for many years, now assisting Fr. Michael with all issues that may arise.

Fr. Michael & Fr. Pats Profiles

Fr. Michael and Fr. Pat Profiles (134.8 KB)Fr. Michael and Fr. Pat Profiles (134.8 KB)

History of Saint Anthony's Parish and Saint Anthony's Church (297.2 KB)History of Saint Anthony's Parish and Saint Anthony's Church (297.2 KB)




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